Last night, for Hallowe’en, I made some simple animations on the PiLite and put it in our window to attract trick-or-treaters. I’ve done some work on the PiLite before, including […]

At January’s Wilmslow Coderdojo, we used the PiCamera for the first time.  We had a lot of fun encouraging the Ninjas to learn a little bit of python while taking selfies […]

Not sure if this has been done before on the Pi version of Minecraft, but anyway to demonstrate the awesomeness of code reuse, here is a very simple re-engineering of […]

Tetris on LEDs

My latest bit of nonsense! An implementation of Tetris on the Raspberry Pi, but instead of displaying on a screen, all output is via the LEDs of the Ciseco PiLite. […]

Playing with PiLite and python

Hello everyone – apologies for the lack of posts lately – been a bit busy with “real life”! Anyway, over the last couple of days, I’ve been playing with the […]

Do Your Research! Initially, I had thought that PiFaceDigital would be an ideal way to control Pisaac, my Raspberry Pi robot. It has 8 digital inputs, with switches fitted to four, and […]